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In the context of its anniversary, Cartoon Network developed a regional campaign called "The best Cartoon is your Cartoon" Through this campaign, fans of all ages were invited to celebrate their favorite characters from the brand's last 30 years in Latin America. The message focuses on different generations of fans who grew up and are growing alongside their favorite characters, now available for the whole family on HBO Max.

"Kids Corp has been an essential partner for Cartoon Network in recent years due to their expertise in audiences under 18 and their unique technology to connect efficiently and safely with this segment. For 'Your Cartoon is the Best Cartoon,' we developed a holistic and regional media strategy, relying on Kids Corp as one of our main allies to securely reach our current fans: kids and teens aged 8 to 17 and achieve the ambitious results we set for ourselves," said Julieta Vidal, Regional Marketing Coordinator for Kids & Animation at Warner Bros. Discovery, Latin America.

The campaign took place in October 2023, with the goal of bringing the audience to the HBO Max screen. "It was a great joy for Kids Corp to be called by Cartoon Network to celebrate their 30 years. The challenge was enormous due to the brand's significance in the region, especially in Brazil, where it is the most-watched TV channel (32%) for the segment," highlighted Nicolás Cáceres, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Kids Corp.

Using Kite's segmentation model, Kids Corp's advertising SaaS platform designed to effectively and compliantly connect with audiences under 18, they developed a targeting strategy considering interests, passion points, gender, age, among others, to streamline delivery through In-App video game ads and YouTube channels.

"Through our data technology, we identified that 78%* of the audience Cartoon Network wanted to reach watches YouTube videos for 89.5* minutes a day, and 61%* plays video games for an average of 102.9* minutes, with 73%* doing so from a smartphone. Additionally, 59%* engages in these two online activities in the afternoon, and 29%* at night. All this information, combined with their interests related to cartoon themes, humor, lifestyle/experience influencers, and music, allowed us to uniquely and granularly segment Cartoon Network's budget," added Cáceres.
YouTube Bumper Video

The campaign was inspired by the brand's rich history, multiple generations of fans throughout the region, and a simple yet powerful observation: In 30 years of Cartoon Network, every fan believes that the best version of the brand is theirs.

With this in mind, Cartoon Network set out to impact all its fans—old, current, and new—on pay TV, outdoor, social media, digital platforms, and streaming with a content piece that inspired them to start an intergenerational conversation. The piece, combining original animation and live-action, takes place in a mundane setting: the waiting room of a dental office, disrupted by representatives from different generations of Cartoon Network fans defending their favorite version of the brand with the support of iconic characters from each era of the channel.

"We wanted to create a campaign that would provoke Cartoon Network fans, make them talk, defend, and remember what they love about the brand version they grew up with. And just look at the fans' comments and the performance of the pieces to see that we succeeded," emphasized Hugo Fabián Zapata, Regional Creative Manager for Kids & Animation at Warner Bros. Discovery, Latin America.

YouTube InStream video 15s and 30 s

The achieved results were excellent:

🎯 In-app branded video delivery reached 941 thousand full ad views, with a recorded VCR of 95%, indicating that approximately 19 out of every 20 children impacted by the ad while using their favorite app viewed the ad content in full. The leading device was the smartphone (95%), followed by the tablet (5%).

🎯 YT in-stream ads had 508 thousand views, with a recorded VTR of 49%, indicating that almost 5 out of every 10 children viewed the video in full. The leading device was the smart TV (75%), followed by the smartphone (23%), from where the majority of clicks originated.

🎯 Through YT bumper, 1.8 million impressions were achieved, with the smartphone (56%) leading the delivery, followed by connected TV (34%), desktop (6%), and tablet (4%). The campaign's average CTR was 0.22% (11 clicks per 50 impressions).

"Long-term relationships with brands like Warner Bros. Discovery allow us to accompany them and add value to each of their projects. Knowing their challenges, needs, and values makes us occupy a prominent place in their communication strategies and contribute all our added value as unique players in this industry," added Sebastián Pereyra, VP of Sales at Kids Corp.

*Source: Askids, the Kids Corp data platform that annually surveys over 84,000 kids & teens in America.

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