Askids collects, processes and makes easily available thousands of data points and insights from kids, teens and their parents in the U.S. and Latin America.
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The most powerful data platform

In-depth understanding of kids, teens and their parents through continuous survey with systematic, user-friendly and actionable reporting.
Your answers about the U18 & Families segment.
  • 84K kids & teens and their parents per year
  • 4 questionnaires adapted to each day of the week
  • National coverage with opening by region and SEL
  • Tracking of digital behavior in connected devices.

Standardized as well as customized solutions, supported by the leading data platform in the U.S. and Latin America.

Brands and Communications
  • Brand Tracking (SaaS)
  • Ad Measurement & Attribution
  • Revenue Research
  • Celebrity Test
  • Metaverse Research
  • CX, UX andsegmentation studies
  • Licensing Test
  • Concept Test
  • Pack Test
  • Product Test
  • Uses and Habits
Content Analytics
  • Audience Profiling (SaaS)
  • Passion Points
  • Trends and early consumption
  • Influencers & Ambassador Discovering
Customer & Buyer
  • Customer & Buyer Journey
  • Buyer Profile
  • Decision Tree
  • Ecommerce performance
  • Touchpoints
  • NPS
Data cloud
  • Data Enrichment
  • API integration

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Entertainment track

Entertainment Brand Track

We know the performance of brands and characters in the entertainment industry in the target kids, teens and parents.

The importance of tracking each step of the relationship with brands in order to think of targeted strategies.
Toys Tracking Graph

Shopper & Brand Track Toys

We analyzed the types of toys and brands most chosen for play by kids and shopping by parents.
Through an approach that allows us to measure:
- The experience of buying toys, answered by parents.
- The link with Toys brands, answered by kids.

The importance of tracking each step of the relationship with brands in order to think of targeted strategies.

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