Unlocking greater value

U18-centric mindset

We start from the understanding of the kids & teens towards the business objectives through a matrix of analysis to develop effective strategies, adapting to the behavior of each market and its different consumers
Relationships • What’s going on • Trends
Market Share • Pricing • Competitive landscape
Behaviors • Platforms • Passions
Business goals • Values • Historical data

Strategic partner

Co-development of communication strategies
Business plan consultant
Guide in measurement based on data and media technologies
Harness the power of technology and data to authentically engage with the U18 audience.
Unleash the monetization potential of your content, expanding your creative horizons.
Elevate your campaigns with our data-driven insights and innovative strategies, specifically tailored for the youth market.

How we build it

Understanding the target

Getting to know them deeply

This will enable us to understand, among other aspects:
● What types of content resonate with them?
● What is the most suitable tone to connect with each segment?
● What do Entertainment, Magic, or Wit, for example, signify to them?
● How do they navigate their relationships with others?
● What are the themes that explore individuality versus gregarious behavior?
● What are the intrinsic factors that motivate them, and how can we effectively engage them through various formats and types of content?

Beyond getting to know the devices, platforms and channels they use, we seek to understand the “passion points” that really move them.

Measuring and optimizing brand & category

Take actions through crucial variables for the business

Such as awareness, uniqueness, ad measurement, and more.
● Conduct comprehensive evaluations of content and brand performance
● Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential for monitoring success.
● We provide visually engaging information that is continuously updated, ensuring easy access to relevant insights.
● We offer the flexibility to incorporate sets of "in & out" questions based on evolving needs and emerging trends from previous phases.
● Our results deliver actionable insights tailored to each specific business, enabling effective decision-making.

Look up for business partner and streamline new business models

Answer for all your business hypothesis:
● Where do I want to place my content?
● How do I customize my content for each platform?
● Which are the main differences between platforms and formats?

Maximize opportunities through revenue research

Answer for all your business hypothesis: We identify which IPs / characters generate best fit with brands to boost consumer products business.

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