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The new social media for brands

Development of experiences in the most popular metaversesfor kids and teens, empowering brands to land and be presentin new virtual spaces, meeting marketing objectives creatively.

Interactive Experiences

For Generation Z, video games reign as their primary source of entertainment, consuming an average of 93 minutes each day.

Metaverse, the new social media

Among children aged 6 to 12, Roblox captures more of their attention than any other app. Plus, 40% of teenagers has played Fortnite.

New Entertainment

Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft are in the top 5 favorite cross-platform video games of the U18 segment.

Brand experiences in Metaverse

  • Immersive experiences

    Create a space to entertain and engage fans.
  • Expansion of the Brand's Ecosystem

    New digital touchpoint with long-term value.
  • Igniting affection

    Opportunity to promote the love for IPs & SKUs with playful and transactional logics.
  • Elevating engagement

    Create a space to entertain and engage fans.

New business horizons

We expand your business with new touch points on Roblox & Fortnite. Different styles of games with dynamics that adapt to the audience and cross platform business.
Awareness / Loyalty
Ads –Billboards
Pop-up stores
Branded 3D models
Brand activations
Full experiences
Branded experiences

Virtual goods for brands

We expand your business with new engagement dynamics. We develop the store and different branded virtual goods.
Power ups
Creating and selling exclusive items
Experience in purchases
3D Clothes and Accessories
Engagement / Sales
Premium Payouts

Work Framework

We translate brand objectives into a holistic strategic project. We ensure that the metaverse experience coexists without friction with marketing plans.

1. Proposal

Dynamics, elements and stages
Dynamics, elements and stages

2. Strategy

Planning, media & budget
Planning, media & budget

3. Documentation

Game documentation, pricing & Gantt
Game documentation, pricing & Gantt

4. Launch

Publishing & launch
Publishing & launch

5. Monitoring

Publishing & launch

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