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Goal and Challenges

The leading kidtech company in Latin America, Kids Corp, was asked by CCU Chile to develop an innovative communication strategy in game format for its audience in Roblox during Halloween for Bilz & Pap beverages.

One of the biggest challenges faced by CCU Chile was how to take a traditional activity like trick-or-treating into a virtual environment in Roblox, while maintaining the interest and engagement of the children and teenagers who would play it.

Solution and Strategy

To overcome these challenges, Kids Corp developed "POP O TRUCO", a Roblox experience in which the characters Bily and Maik interact with users, inviting them to play and guiding them through the game. The dynamics of the game consists of collecting bottles that represent the new flavors of Bilz & Pap drinks. Players can exchange the collected bottles for virtual objects related to the theme and brand.

In addition, a leader board was included that shows the players with most bottles collected, ensuring replayability and allowing to see the progress of the game week after week.

The Roblox experience was part of a 360 communication campaign, with promotion on public roads, other digital formats and social networks. This campaign was developed along with the agencies Porta (creative) and BPN (media).


Although specific numbers have not been provided, the Roblox experience was the central focus and main touch point of the campaign, reaching 20% of Chilean children and teenagers who play on Roblox. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategy implemented to engage the audience on the platform.

Conclusions and lessons learned

This case study highlights the importance of adapting to new trends in digital media and metaverses, where brands can find their current and future consumers. Companies now need to develop strategic plans for the web3 and adapt their communication and advertising strategies to new formats and platforms.
The "POP O TRUCO" experience at Roblox demonstrates that innovation and adaptation can lead to greater reach and engagement with the target audience. In addition, this success story helps to reaffirm the idea that metaverses are the "new social media", and that brands must learn to migrate from traditional social networks to these new virtual spaces.
In the future, new possibilities could be explored in metaverses and similar gaming platforms and continue to adapt and develop unique online strategies.

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