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In a pioneering move within the digital universe, Kids Corp, the innovative martech platform specialized in the U18 segment, deploys its expertise in data analysis and insights to delve into the metaverse of Roblox, marking a new chapter in market research focused on kids and teens. This innovative step is taken in collaboration with Kellanova, previously recognized as Kellogg's, distinguished for being one of the first to adopt this disruptive initiative to explore the preferences and behaviors of its audience through the iconic product Choco Krispis.

With the firm purpose of redefining market research paradigms, Kids Corp introduces its sophisticated Consumer Research methodology within Roblox, offering an unprecedented dimension of analysis and understanding of the dynamic world of the youth. This strategy highlights Kids Corp's commitment to continuous innovation and underscores its unique ability to connect with the U18 segment in its natural environment, fostering genuine and insightful interaction.

Gastón Stochyck, CDO & VP of Integrated Services at Kids Corp, underscores the importance of this advancement: 'After years of leading the development of data-driven solutions, we are faced with the imperative need to evolve towards more innovative horizons. In Roblox, a platform where 46% of our target audience spends their time daily, we discovered the opportunity to integrate our survey tools into an environment where they feel more comfortable and open to sharing, thus transforming market research into a playful and enriching experience.

The collaboration with Kellanova and the foray into Roblox represent just the beginning of a series of initiatives that Kids Corp plans to deploy in the metaverse. With the experience gained in developing brand experiences in Roblox and Fortnite for global brands such as Adidas, Nesquik, Kacang, and Bilz & Pap, among others, Kids Corp solidifies its leadership in implementing marketing strategies on cutting-edge platforms.

This milestone reinforces our leadership in innovative research targeted at kids and teens. The trust of brands like Kellanova in our ability to execute these studies motivates us to continue expanding our horizons and actively contribute to developing new market solutions," concludes Adriana Castagno, Business Development Manager at Kids Corp.

Through this achievement, Kids Corp strengthens its position as a pioneer in martech solutions for the U18 segment and demonstrates its ability to adapt and lead in the era of the metaverse, paving the way for future research and marketing strategies in emerging digital environments.

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