Kids Corp and Cartoon Network, the success story to connect with children's audiences in Brazil

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Goal and Challenges

Cartoon Network, Warner Media's division of animated series for kids and families (leader in the U.S.), was looking to increase audience and ratings for several of its shows in Brazil, such as Teen Titans Go, Turma da Mônica, Craig of the Creek and Girls Strategy.
Challenges faced included the need to implement strategies and tactics adapted to different TV programs, as well as to children's interests and preferences. In addition, it was important to achieve safe experiences for children and ensure high levels of engagement.

Solution and Strategy

Kids Corp, the leading kidtech company in Latin America, was called in as a strategic partner to address these challenges in Cartoon Network's marketing campaign. The campaigns were carried out between June and October 2021, using different formats and creatives, such as branded videos which contained brand elements, a main video and characters from each show, preroll videos on safe channels that kids and teens visit on YouTube, and bumper ads for quick exposure to the ad and to generate quicker awareness.

"Kids Corp has been a key partner for Cartoon Network over the past few years. In a challenging time and industry, we have worked together to connect with a specific target in a more organic way that has helped us achieve our main objectives and keep the brand close to kids," said Daniela Espinosa, Marketing Manager, Cartoon Network.

The ads were shown within different video game apps and on YouTube Kid-safe channels, individually curated by Kids Corp.

"We have been working with Warner Media for several years, helping them communicate the excellent quality content they create for their audiences in Latin America. The long-term relationships we have with all our clients, and the knowledge of their challenges, allows us to inspire our team to activate all our added value," said Sebastián Pereyra, VP of Sales at Kids Corp.


➡️ VCR (Video Completion Rate) of 79%.
➡️ Full branded video views: 8 out of 10 impressions.
➡️ CTR (Click Through Rate) of 24%, which contributed to a higher number of visits to the playlist of Cartoon Network shows.
➡️ VTR (Video Through Rate) of 47.2% in preroll video ads.

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