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Goal and Challenges

Distroller, a Mexican toy company known in Mexico for creating great point-of-sale experiences, faced the challenge of intensifying its digital strategy, due to the pandemic, to get closer to its target audience: children in Mexico. The company was looking to surprise the little ones on their devices, increasing its awareness and strengthening its position in the market by communicating the brand's new launches.
However, achieving this implied generating safe and appropriate content for the age and gender of children, complying with current regulations and ensuring safe experiences for this audience.

Solution and Strategy

Distroller chose Kids Corp, the leading kidtech company in Latin America, as a strategic partner to overcome these challenges. The campaigns were carried out between November and December 2021, using different formats and creatives, such as branded videos, to generate awareness of the different products, and game ads, to interact with the audience.

"At Distroller we chose Kids Corp because through their tools they reach boys and girls guaranteeing safe content, offering ads appropriate to their age and gender. They also helped us exceed our campaign objectives thanks to their innovative strategies and joint work," said Karen Torá, Creative Brand Development Director at Distroller.

The ads were shown within YouTube and in different games/apps.

Within YouTube, the top 3 channels were:
#1 Musicals, e.g. Payaso Plim Plim and Toycantando.
#2 YouTubers, e.g. Conny Merlin and SoyRegiChou.
#3 DIY/Lifestyle, e.g. Supermanualidades, Dani Hoyos and Piny Español.
Within the apps, the top was led by the categories:
#1 Vitual Pets & take care, e.g. Fluvsies and Floof My Pet House.
#2 Education, e.g. Pepi Wonder World.
#3 Art/Creativity, e.g. FlipaClip.

"In this case, we worked in detail on the segmentation by age, interests and devices of the different audiences, understanding the need for Distroller and its different products. In this way, we made the campaign more efficient through ads in games, apps and YouTube kidsafe channels curated by our team," said Paula Lopez, Head of Operations at Kite, Kids Corp's media & advertising automation solution.


The campaign was a great success in terms of traffic and engagement:

➡️ 12% growth in traffic to Distroller's website during the campaign.
➡️ VCR (Video Completion Rate) of 86%.
➡️ CTR (Click Through Rate) of 21%.
➡️ ER (Engagement Rate) of 14%.

These figures demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategies used by Kids Corp and its ability to connect with children's audiences in Mexico.

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