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In an increasingly digitalized world, where over 80% of kids and teens in America have access to smartphones, brands are compelled to rapidly adapt to a constantly evolving environment. This transformation fuels innovation and demands that the advertising industry consistently reevaluate and enhance its communication strategies to effectively engage with its young and tech-savvy audience.

In this context, the LEGO Group developed the animated series LEGO DreamZzz, launched and positioned through a content distribution strategy on platforms preferred by its target audience (kids aged 6 to 12). Subsequently, the physical product (toy) of the globally recognized leading brand in the construction blocks category was launched.

For six months, Kids Corp designed an innovative strategy for LEGO DreamZzz in the most important markets in LATAM: Mexico and Brazil. We conducted an exhaustive diagnosis of the core target's interests and behavior in the initial stage. We analyzed key data and insights to understand their preferences and validated their main passion points: fantasy, adventure, magic, and epic stories.

Based on these findings, we designed an awareness campaign launch on YouTube, where this audience spends over 75% of their free time. The primary objective was to generate awareness of the LEGO DreamZzz series and drive the audience to watch the series.

Once the campaign was launched, we implemented a rigorous measurement process to monitor and evaluate its performance, thus optimizing the media plan. The initial results were positive: 60% of the target audience reported knowing the series. Among them, 93% found it very interesting, and 9 out of 10 defined it as fun, with the majority (over 80%) recognizing it as a series to watch with friends.

Continuing the YouTube awareness campaign and adding Netflix as a new touchpoint, we activated other media and interactive formats such as mini-games and countdowns for new episode premieres, and video players to engage with the animated characters. This activation and measurement approach allowed us to quickly adapt, optimize, and maximize the campaign's impact at each stage.

Undoubtedly, we brought the LEGO DreamZzz characters to life before the launch of the toy line. With a high viewership of the series, more than four episodes watched among the target audience, and a purchase intention exceeding 80% for toys linked to the LEGO DreamZzz characters, we created an ideal atmosphere for the toy line launch.

This strategy strengthened the emotional connection with the audience and enhanced the product's market presence. The brand achieved historic positioning, supported by notable sales success, and the product stood out, generating great enthusiasm in the market, ranking in the Top 3 most desired blocks by kids in Mexico and Brazil on their 2023 Christmas wish list. This success translated into sales figures, brand strengthening, and customer loyalty.


  • Converting data into meaningful insights was crucial to understanding the market context and audience needs.
  • Implementing innovative methodologies to design solid frameworks that guide brand actions and decisions.
  • Adopting innovative formats and a multiplatform approach ensured a consistent user experience across all devices.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and policies through efficient and compliant U18 platforms.
  • Validating the implementation of attributions while safeguarding the privacy of underage users.

Through a consumer-centric approach, effective execution, constant measurements, and optimizations, together with LEGO, we not only achieved the positioning and successful launch objectives of the LEGO DreamZzz product but also set a new milestone for excellence in toy launches.

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