Adidas Brazil on Roblox: Kids Corp recreates its store located on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo

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As part of the launch campaign for the Adidas Ultraboost Light shoe, Kids Corp developed a brand experience within Roblox, one of the top three metaverses played by teenagers in Brazil and the favorite of 21% of them. The initiative is part of adidas Brazil's communication efforts targeting young audiences.

“We understand that a large part of this increase is due to the boom in virtual spaces that consolidated after the pandemic. Therefore, at Kids Corp, we say that metaverses are 'the new social media.' Just as brands had to find their role within the social media universe 10 years ago, now they are challenged to devise strategic plans for web3, places where their current or future consumers are,” added Nicolás Cáceres, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Kids Corp.

The Adidas experience in Roblox recreates its flagship store located on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. In it, users will find an exclusive section with the Adidas Ultraboost Light shoe and all its features. There is also a section showcasing the brand’s most important soccer jerseys and other footwear and apparel products. Many of the items displayed in the store can be used by users to dress and equip themselves during their participation in the game.

The gameplay experience involves putting on the Adidas Ultraboost Light, leaving the store on Avenida Paulista, and running as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles that appear during the game. Those who complete the run the fastest appear on a leaderboard showing their time and the number of races completed, earning significant rewards that connect the online and offline worlds.

The game is part of a 360 communication campaign, also featuring communication in other digital formats and on social media to drive traffic to the experience. The game on Roblox is the vertical axis and main contact point of the campaign.

* Data obtained from Kids Corp's Insights Portal, which surveys more than 84,000 children, teenagers, and parents annually in Latin America.

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