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BIlz & Pap stands as the most enduring brand, hand in hand with Kids Corp in the metaverse. It's a brand that has always sought innovation to connect with new audiences on emerging platforms, thus staying fresh and dynamic. As a pioneer in Chile, it ventured into these new spaces, fostering community since 2022. Now, in 2024, it unveils its Back to School update for the metaverse, drawing inspiration from its entire Summer campaign.

By introducing a multiplayer kart racing game, set in the ambiance of Viña del Mar, Bilz & Pop propels the metaverse and gaming to new heights. This allows for multiple participation within the arena, marking the first time it's been achieved within the brand's universe on Roblox, with outstanding participation rates.

As part of a 360-degree campaign starting from a television commercial and landing in the metaverse, this Bilz & Pop update encapsulates the concept of community generation sought after when brands establish their presence in a vast platform like Roblox. It seamlessly adapts the creative concept of the entire summer campaign to the gaming mechanics inherent to the platform, successfully embraced by the community.

In the game, players can choose their preferred kart, either Billy's or Maik's, and compete in races with an unlimited number of players on a track that organically integrates the brand and its products. This ensures remarkable brand recall and positioning. Undoubtedly, Bilz & Pap, as a brand perpetually seeking innovation, has managed to establish a new point of contact with young audiences and their families within its Roblox metaverse.

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