The first VOOH campaign on Roblox in Central America & the Caribbean

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Goal and Challenges

The primary goal of ChocoWOW, a brand of chocolate cookies that is part of the portfolio of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), was to increase their market share and to position themselves as a disruptive and innovative brand among the young generation Z and Alpha. The main challenge ChocoWOW faced was to find a unique, creative, and safe way to connect with their target audience through innovative technology.

Solution and Strategy

Kids Corp, the leading kidtech company in Latin America, was chosen as ChocoWOW's strategic partner.

"We chose Kids Corp for their expertise in the children and teen segment, and their know-how in this type of formats and platforms, were fundamental to work together on this project and connect in a safe and innovative way with our target"

<p style="font-size: 12px;">Luis Pedro Noriega, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean at CMI Alimentos.</p>

Together they launched the first Virtual Out Of Home (VOOH) advertising campaign on Roblox in Central America and the Caribbean.
The campaign, which took place between July and August 2022, involved installing digital billboards in more than 70 Roblox arenas segmented into the target audience. Throughout their gaming experiences, players encountered ChocoWOW ads within their favorite Roblox games - making ChocoWOW the first brand in Central America and the Caribbean to have a presence in the metaverse.


The results surpassed expectations in the region:
➡️ +3M impressions in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica.
➡️ Sales increased by more than 18%.
➡️ ChocoWOW increased its market share.
➡️ChocoWOW consolidates its position as a disruptive and innovative brand.

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