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You will understand, through frameworks and insights, how to generate relevance in the customer journey of children and teenagers.

You will learn the reasons to connect with U18s, the different sub-segments, their passion points, their role of influence and buying power, their link with key platforms and the development of a holistic strategic plan.

Aimed at advertising industry professionals working in advertisers and agencies that target children, teenagers and families.

1 hour approx.
Online certification

What benefits do you get by certifying at Kids Corp University?

Through different courses and certifications, you will become an expert in digital advertising aimed at the segment of children, adolescents and families. You will access data, information and insights that will help you develop more efficient strategies and to improve results and grow your business.


At the end of each course you will receive a certification diploma.

Technology, data and expertise

The support of Kids Corp, the leading kidtech company in LATAM.


All courses have a scope in Latin America.

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