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Universe & Trends on Streaming

Discover the exciting world of consumption habits among U18 individuals and their families when it comes to viewing online content.

Whats will you discover?

📺 Audience relationship with VOD: Explore how U18 and their families connect with Video On Demand (VOD) and how they use streaming as a shared activity, impacting their consumption habits.

📺 Time and content consumption: Gain insights into when and how much time kids & teens spend watching online content. Discover the types of content that capture the imagination of our audience.

📺 Preferred SVOD platforms: Learn about the favorite streaming platforms of our target and how these have shaped their preferences.

📺 Link and influence between SVOD and cinema: Explore how the streaming experience relates to cinema and how these two worlds mutually influence each other.

Get to know Kite, the new SaaS platform designed for U18 audiences.

Introducing the first self-service version of Kite, a unique technology worldwide that sets a milestone in advertising targeted at U18 audiences. With this new solution, advertising agencies and advertisers have the ability to operate Kite autonomously, enabling effective and secure outreach to audiences under 18 years of age.

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You will learn the reasons to connect with individuals under 18, the different subsegments, their passion points, their role of influence and purchasing power, their relationship with key platforms, and the development of a comprehensive strategic plan.