TV vs Digital.

Link with U18 and consuption habits.

#5 facts to maximize digital presence and connect with U18. Capitalize and maximize your digital presence, understanding how kids & teens' consumption coexists between online and offline realms.
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🚀  Young people are on YouTube every day, multiple times a day, dedicating between 30 minutes to 1 hour on average. This increases the likelihood of being impacted by advertising, as they are actively consuming content.

🚀  5 out of 10 children are fans of YouTube. This highlights the platform's relevance as a home entertainment space, containing the favorite series, shows, and movies for young people.

🚀  The potential reach with YouTube is 2.7 times higher and 4 times cheaper than YouTube Kids in Latin America, considering that from the age of 6, children migrate to YouTube.

🚀  When thinking about shoppers, YouTube remains the most consumed platform in all socioeconomic profiles, with a high emphasis, while open/cable TV channels are more consumed at lower socioeconomic levels.

Get to know Kite, the new SaaS platform designed for U18 audiences.

Introducing the first self-service version of Kite, a unique technology worldwide that sets a milestone in advertising targeted at U18 audiences. With this new solution, advertising agencies and advertisers have the ability to operate Kite autonomously, enabling effective and secure outreach to audiences under 18 years of age.

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