10 Trends 2024,
U18 & Families

The preferences, tastes, and behaviors
of the U18 audience are changing.
Discover the trends we've identified
for this year by accessing unique data
and insights.
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Whats will you discover?

🎯 Technology and data for U18 campaigns: The adoption of technology and data-driven solutions, in compliance with regulations, redefines digital marketing strategies for U18 audiences, ensuring effective segmentation in a changing regulatory landscape.

🎯 Data Privacy and laws: Increased awareness of data privacy drives changes in advertising targeted at U18s, underscoring the importance of adhering to regulations like COPPA to safeguard children's privacy and avoid penalties.

🎯 Metaverse and E-commerce: The metaverse emerges as a new space for e-commerce among U18s, offering opportunities for direct conversion strategies from platforms like Roblox and Fortnite.

🎯 Subscriptions and gaming: The growth of gaming platform subscriptions among U18s signals an upward trend, solidifying consoles as multifunctional entertainment hubs and providing opportunities for exclusive promotions.