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Askids collects, processes and makes easily available thousands of data points and insights from kids, teens and their parents in the U.S. and Latin America.

In-depth understanding of kids, teens and their parents

through continuous online measurement with systematic, user-friendly and actionable.
  • 84K Kids & teens and their parents per year
  • 4 questionnaires adapted to each day of the week
  • National coverage with opening by region and SEL
  • Tracking of digital behaviour in devices

Key Features

A 100% interactive, and self service platform. The simplest way toget the data!

  • Customize

    filter the sample you want to analyze
  • Understand

    the size of the sample


Kids, teens, parents, and family real time insights in more than ten categories such as Toys, Entertainment, CPG, time management & activities, top brands and favorite influencers.
  • Unique insights

    divided by categories
  • Dynamic offer

    new categories can be added
  • Understand

    how the whole family behaves. How parents spend time with their kids.

Cross Table Tool

Bring the power of expert-level data analysis right to your fingertips. Create your own audience clusters and uncover hidden insights.
  • Have full control

    over the data and make your own reports
  • Drag and drop

    over the data and make your own reports


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Bespoke market intelligence deliveries for the U18 industry

Brand & Campaign health monitor

To understand the performance of the Brand’s top priorities on tailor made reports & tracking.
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  • Brand’s awareness.
  • Campaign / Ad awareness
  • Media in which there has been contact with the proposal
  • Message delivered by the Ad
  • Purchase or Purchase intent of product

  • Core attributes of the brand

Business Intelligence

Consolidation of all data sources into a unified dashboard.
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  • Brand tracking: awareness, source of awareness
  • Media spend by platform
  • Competitive radar: most viewed YT channel, SVOD, Tiktokers
  • Kids & Parents declarative and digital behavioral
  • 1st party data: Google Analytics / Internal Business data

  • 2nd party data: Insights Portal & Kite

  • 3rd Party aggregators

Industry reports

Market intelligence for the U18 industry carefully crafted.
Industry Report Icon
  • Deep dive on kids & family behaviors
  • Bi-monthly or quarterly presentations on topics of interest for the U18 segment, such as Metaverse, SVODs, Spent Power
  • Reports associated with the main industry dates: Children's Day, Christmas, Back to School

Metaverse Research

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  • Collecting audience insights that generate value for brands
  • Innovative mechanics for researching preferences through interactive environments
  • Assess specific research needs as part of a comprehensive marketing plan

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